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Signs and Wonders

When Jesus healed the sick, the Bible descirbed it as a ‘sign’. When He raised the dead, the Bible called it a ‘sign’. The Bible recorded that people followed Him because of the SIGNS He performed. Have you ever wondered what the signs were... read more

God Is Our Rock

There are so many things to be frustrated about. Often, life gives us several reasons but the reason to be happy, excited and full of joy, with joy far outweighing them all. He said we should not worry about life, what we would eat or drink because God knows about... read more

Reports on the Current State of the War

There has been an awakening around the world, one that can be felt. The prophecies that went before us are coming to pass but like Jesus commanded us to do, we rejoice not because of the ills but because our salvation is near. Jesus said in no uncertain terms that the... read more

My Lord and Saviour

I was reading a book by Myles Munroe titled ‘Kingdom Principles’ and I came across the kingdom principle of Lord. The revelation was awesome and I want to share. It is not uncommon in our religious system to refer to God as the lord of our lives. We... read more

Come Back Home

When I was much younger (cos I’m still very young 🙂 ), I used to watch cartoons. In those cute children series, the concept of a home brought with it a fuzzy feeling. You probably think of ginger bread house or have characters like papa bear and mama bear. It... read more

The Rebuilding of Our Jerusalem

Like the devastation that occurs during a war, our structures are being destroyed, the stench of the moral decay, more putrid than rotting flesh. Although our victory has been predetermined, what is left to contention are the casualties the war would leave in its... read more

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